Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook


Quirk BooksPenguin Random House




Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister wished his family would disappear. He never thought his wish would come true! The classic movie you know and love is now an illustrated storybook for the whole family—complete with bumbling burglars, brilliant booby traps, and a little boy named Kevin who’s forced to fend for himself. Can he keep the crooks from entering his house? And will his family return in time for Christmas?



“Fans of the movie will enjoy Smith’s comic renderings of Kevin’s antics, though lines like “Marv and Henry slipped on the toy cars and were knocked over by paint cans” don’t live up to the mayhem of the source material. ”  —Publishers Weekly


“The Home Alone storybook, with artful, energetic illustrations by Kim Smith, is a kinder, gentler version of the movie.”—Shelf Awareness


“Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook offers all the fun of the original movie in a darling hardcover package whose read-aloud story teaches lessons about responsibility and the importance of family.”—Pop Culture Insider